Frequently Asked Questions

Not all SEO and web design companies in Australia serve you equally. Coast Wide Web can promise you a trustworthy service. Allow us to answer some frequently asked questions so you get a better idea about what we can do for you and your business.

1. Are your services recommended for new websites?

Yes! This is the ideal time to implement organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

2. Why do I need SEO services?

So your Business and its Services are found online.

3. As one of the SEO experts in Sydney, what techniques do you use to rank my website?

I have a managed SEO plan that utilises many different tactics to rank your website, relative to your focus audience and locality.

4. When do I see improvements in my site’s rankings?

Sometimes within a week! Every industry and each location will determine the effort required to rank well.

5. How do you select keywords?

We use targeted keyword planning based on your perceived competition and focus keywords and target market.

6. How much does your SEO service cost?

From as little as $400 for a four hour Organic SEO implementation.

7. Would you mind disclosing the names of some of your most successful SEO clients?

8. Do you offer web hosting in NSW?

Yes! As our services are online we can easily cater for the entire NSW and beyond.

9. How long does it take for a web design company in Australia to build a website?

Depending on how organised you are we can be online within 5 days.

10. How much are the web design services in Sydney?

We offer web design and web hosting packages from only $1299.

11. Do you outsource your work?

No!. I work on every job individually, right on the Central Coast of NSW.

12. Will you grant me access to my website?

Yes! If you wish to edit it. Some people do – Some people don’t. Either way I am flexible.

13. What platform do you use to build my website on?

Primarily WORDPRESS, I can also offer JOOMLA, SHOPIFY and complete custom sites.

14. Do you use pre-made templates?

Sometimes. But generally they are that customised that it wouldn’t be recognized.

15. Are the websites that you build responsive?

Of course! Over 70% of your audience is mobile.

16. Do you provide content for my website?

Yes! I can help with Copywriting services and image sourcing.

17. Will you help me find photos for my website?

Yes! We can source Royalty Free Images or arrange Photography.

18. I’m not from Sydney. Will you still make my website?

Yes! As long as you have email and a phone we are in business.

19. Are there recurring costs involved with your website design services?

Yes! Our minimum yearly fees are $499 and include everything required to keep your site online and running smoothly.

20. Do you offer a warranty?

No! If you are completely unhappy with my services I will not issue an invoice. To date no-one has been dissatisfied.

21. What payment modes do you accept?

EFT preferred, All Major Credit Cards, Cheque.

Have other questions in mind? Feel free to ask. Call us at 0413 557 338 or send an email to